Sunday, July 6, 2008

I love my Camera!

I love my new camera!

These flowers are in our event room at work.
New sock yarn. Shibui in Rappongi! It's going to make some excellent socks.

Close up.

This is Shibui in Jewel. Also going to make amazing socks... for me!!

Dream in Color Classy in Happy Forest for the February Lady Sweater

Can't wait to get started on the sweater :) It will be my first real sweater.

Malabrigo Silk in Sunny Lime... 4 skeins that will becoming a Clapotis!

A great close up of the silk goodness! This is by far my favorite yarn.. I can't wait to start working it with!

More pictures to come! I can't stop using my camera everywhere I go! :)


Virtuous said...

Wow that camera takes pics like a pro!!

And the setting definitely helps too! ;o) Luv the flower pot one!

I "just" saw someone's Feb Woman Jacket today in that exact same yarn and color!!

It will turn out great for you too!

Nice fiber Blanche!

Channon said...

GREAT photos. I'm impressed!

Love the Feb Wo. yarn choice. Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

hey, stop getting yarn! how am i supposed to keep up? (j/k)
that is a very nice camera, by the way.

-secret swap pal

AshAsh said...

I am LOVING the pics taken with your new camera, girl! I especially like the creative way you're photographing your yarn stash. I can't wait to see more! :)