Saturday, September 29, 2007

New afghan, mitered square, new yarn...

I'm so excited about my new yarn! I went to Michael's with my roommate on Friday because we were both off work. I was thinking of starting an afghan with some nice soft yarn and that would be easy to make. Well, little did I know that that Red Heart Soft Yarn would be on sale 2 for $5, so I loaded up my basket and made my way to the register. I got a few other things, another skein of grape yarn for my IHS and another treat (I'll show that later)...

I got two of each color for a really nice and super easy afghan.

I'm just using a pattern for a dishcloth that I found online and making it bigger. Instead of 45 stitches, I made it 74. I think I also saw this same type of afghan on another blog out there somewhere! It's going to be nice and subtle but it will go incredibly well with my new duvet from Pottery Barn. I can't wait to see it all together and on my bed!
Now a progress picture of my first square. It's almost done now with working on it at work, on the metro, and on the back porch at home...
Next is my first Mitered Sqaure from Mason Dixon Knitting. I just wanted to try it and see how it worked and what it would look like. I would eventually like to make a whole blanket, but I will start with my one square...

Next up is some awesome cotton yarn that I got from Wal-mart for some more dishcloths. I finally found Peaches and Cream Yarn there and I bought only 2 skeins.. They are so pretty!

So now, my surprise for my parents when they get here...

Now a bit a of a back story on this, my dad hurt his eye in February and was always saying how he was going to go to Arrrrrrby's for lunch. So we started calling him a pirate. Well, for Father's Day, I found a pirate book that I got for my dad, then my mom got him another one. So I decided that I would get three of these for me, my mom , and my dad when they get here on Friday! :o)

Okay, back to work, AKA knitting my afghan because it's super boring. And tonight, going back to Michael's and then Cracker Barrel for a nice "home cooked" meal. Just need some comfort food right now!

Oh, and I currently have a flat tire on my car. I know I'm so lucky. But also I got a flat like in March and never fixed it, so I have to get that fix-a-flat stuff and take it to the shop tomorrow, after my root canal... Haha, what a week already!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


I have finally taken some pictures of a few of my WIP's and also almost FO, just need to weave in the ends and it will be an FO.

The first is a washcloth for a friend's DD, Becca. She went to the zoo in DC and she LOVED the armadillos. So, I went online and found a pattern for an armadillo washcloth that she could use at bath time.

Not the best picture, but I'm going to keep trying my skills with the camera and see what happens!

Next is my So-Called Scarf that I am making out of Cotton Ease from Lion Brand! They brought it back after discontinuing it and I bought 4 skines of the lime green color. It's so nice.

And finally, my Irish Hiking Scarf in Red Heart Soft Yarn in Grape. Yeah, I know what you are probably thinking, but it's really soft and really nice and easy to knit with.

Just love this scarf and the color is wonderful.

So these are a few of my WIPs for now with more to come.

I have yet to conquer socks, sweaters, or anything fitted, but that is next on my knitting agenda. I have plans to start my first pair of socks soon with the help of Wendy. Then I could teach her to crochet for her beautiful fall bag!

In non-knitting news, I need to have a root canal and it's scheduled for Monday. Oh, I'm so lucky.. Okay, not really, but we will see what happens! So glad I have some sick time :o)

Off to get some prescriptions filled for the tooth and some other errands!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Doing this blog thing....

So, I decided to start this blog about my knitting and ramblings about yarn, all my WIP's, and probably a little about my weight loss journey as well! It's a place to get to know me, my love of yarn, and for me to learn from other people!

So, I give you.. My self-portrait shot from the bathroom so show off my new haircut. But here you have me :o)

I've been reading other knitting blogs for a little over a year and have thought about starting a blog, but I never thought I would have enough to talk about. Well, I was inspired to start this blog by quite a few people, but the most influential person was Wendy from my WW group! She is great! I have learned a lot from her since we started talking about yarn and knitting! We had a bet, that when I lost 6 lbs, she would buy me a skein of Tofutsies in color 790. Well, I got it last night and I couldn't stop touching it! It's my first skein of sock yarn and I can't wait to cast on! First though, I need ot finish my long list of WIP's! I'm going to work on that list and take pictures of all of them so I can post them on here!

So until then.. Happy Knitting.. And happy Friday!