Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've been praticing with my camera a little bit more :) I still am COMPLETELY in love with it!! This is with a telephoto lense I borrowed from a friend for a few minutes. She also helped me out with where I can buy new lenses for the camera here in DC for cheap!

My roommate and I had a Iron Chef Arlington Competition at our house a few weeks ago. The secret ingrediant was LIME. It happens to be my favorite citrus! I drink my diet cokes with lime all the time, but not Diet Coke Lime.. I have to have the real stuff!

My dish was Jasmine rice with Lime and Cliantro. And it was delicious! It was almost all gone at the end of the day.

This is Rufus. I lived with Rufus at my last house for 3 months. He is the best and most cuddly dog I have met to date. He was just get close to you and lay his in your lap so you will pet him. He loves attention and can't get enough!

Here is it all cute by the coffee table. He makes these faces and it just melts my heart :)

This is Tate. She is 14 or 15 years old now and still kicking! She is Rufus's older sister. And believe it or not, they love each other! I love this girl too. She knows what she wants and she normally gets it too!

I think that was distracting enough! I have MORE FO's to show, but finished them so late last night, that I couldn't take a good picture of them. BUT.. that is what will be next!

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Channon said...

GREAT photos. I love lime too - but not the imitation stuff!