Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

I had a party at work for all the residents in the building. By the way, I work in Property Management. We have one of the best views in the city of the National Mall in DC as well as a few other things, you know monuments and stuff. :)

We had our favorite vendors make some delicious fruite tarts.. And let me tell you, they were just as good as the look :) YUM!

Next the fireworks started! I got some really great shots of the fireworks. It was a fantastic display, besides the rain...

The colors are so vibraint and they had some really cool looking fireworks too!

The event brought out about 60-80 people to our rooftop at work. It was so much fun! I am definately glad it was a success, but I am more glad that it's over and I can relax now! I don't have to plan anything else for the summer, at work at least, and I can focus on actual work now!

You will all being seeing lots more pictures now! I love taking pictures with the new camera and can't wait to take more :)

Ohh.. up next.. my first finished pair of Summer of Socks 08 socks... Spring forwards for my mom!! She can't wait to get them!

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Channon said...

I watched the Mall fireworks on TV, but wasn't impressed. Your photos give me a glimpse of what I missed... sigh...