Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No crazy excuses...

About not posting..

But here are a few pictures to hold everyone over for a bit... I have MANY things to show and I really need to update Ravlery too. It will all come in due time...
For now.. I have completed my Dream in Color Shrug. It was given to me by my FANTASTIC swap partner for the Spring Swap. It was the easiest and fastest shrug... ever. I am totally making a few more.. maybe with different patterns, but still.. this is a great piece for my wardrobe.

Wendy was gracious enough to do a photo shoot for me on Saturday. I loved this yarn! It was Dream in Color Classy! and it only took about a skein and a half.

Modifications: I knit 22 rows for the arms and didn't fold them over like the pattern said. I didn't like the idea of it. Too much bulk for me. Also, I knit about 2 inches of ribbing around the inside edge. The pattern called for an inch, but it wouldn't have fit me if I would have only done 1 inch.

This only took about 2 weeks of off and on knitting to complete! The yarn did stain my bamboo circulars, but I was okay with it. Not a big deal.

Also, it needs a good soak with some Soak. I washed it with the wool wash stuff I had and let it dry, but it's a little scratchy still. I will do that soon...

So, there is a small update. More to come later. Pink monkeys, baby monkeys, LOTS of sock yarn, orders from Loopy Ewe, a baby blanket, and more! :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday I celebrated my 25th Birthday! I actually celebrated the birthday all weekend, but the actual day was Sunday. It was a great day with my housemates and my best friend Matt.

The whole weekend was a great time and I'm glad that I got to spend it with such great people!

I do have some knitting to share.. Just waiting for some sunlight and good weather to model!!! I think it will be tonight! :)

Oh yeah, I also got some great news... I'm going to be an aunt again (not the great news)... It's a GIRL!!!!! Yay for another pink baby!

Time to get back to work!