Monday, October 27, 2008


Since this is what the blog is really about... Knitting and yarn! I am showing off my new purchases from the FFF in Orange, VA.

First up is the Uruguay Chunky, 5 balls to be exact. This yarn is sooo soft! I have no idea what I will make with it, a hat and scarf combo? A neck warmer? It's 73 yards each and its just excellent!
This is some really nice natural wool I picked up for a sweater for my dad. I think it will become the Cobblestone, but it will probably have to wait until after Christmas.
GO IRISH!!!!! This is the Notre Dame sock yarn :) Really its called Zucchini, but I thought it looked just like ND colors, so that's what I renamed it.
This is Creatively Dyed's sock yarn and it's soo pretty! There is to much light the yarn in this picture, but it's a nice purple color, which I was looking for. It will make such great socks for sure.
Creatively Dyed again, but LUXURY, with CASHMERE! It kind of looks like a Peacock, which is also want I wanted. It's so pretty and SOOO soft. I don't know what I will make with it...

Up next is my latest order from Eat.Sleep.Knit. I just love that store. It's such a great place to order from, not to mention, it's FAST, like order on Wednesday, get it Friday, kind of fast.
Some Dream in Color Fatty in Happy Forest for 2 hats for the nieces. They have pink coats, so I thought Green would go well with it.. And some Malabrigo Chunky for the brother for a Thorpe. It's such a bright blue and it will be nice for those Chicago winters!

This is Yarn Love in Anne Shirley and the colorway is Fairtale. I bought 5 skeins for some kind of sweater. I am thinking a hoodie sweater with really neat buttons. I might wait a while to start this, but at least I have the yarn now.

More MMMalabrigo in Sapphire Green. I was thinking a sweater for me, but when my parents were visiting two weeks ago, my mom was like, oh I like that green yarn, then I showed her my Feburary Lady Sweater and she just raved, so this will become a Lady Sweater for a Special Lady! And while visiting Annapolis, MD with the parents, we stopped at a yarn store and I picked up GREAT buttons for my FLS and my mom picked some for hers too. They are so beauitful.
And just a bit of Sock yarn enhancement for the "stash". Some Shibui in a great bright pink! I might make some socks for a neighbor of mine from home. She is a breast cancer survivor and while this is not exactly the breast cancer signature color, I think she would love them!

That's all she wrote until I have actual progress pictures of my FLS. It's going slowly but surely. I have made it well into the lace section and try to do 1 to 2 repeats a night, when I can. I will be moving this weekend, so there will be lots of packing and not so much knitting, but after that... knitting will happen moree often!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Fiber Festival

Sunday I went to my first ever, fiber festival. It was definitely an experience! I bought lots and yarn, but I'll show that in a different post. They had a display of different sheep and goats and llamas.. They were so cute!

I think he was bowing down... or embarrassed :)

These were the funny goats. They made the funniest noises and right after this picture... he got shaved!

The llamas were cute, but I wasn't going to pet them... Since I'm allergic to every animal, I decided to stay away from them...

And I finally met Chan in real life! She is such a great person and it was so great o finally meet her!! Wendy, Chan, and I had a great time!

I will have to agree with Chan though. I was underwhelmed with the turn out of vendors and people. I thought it would be more. I definitely picked up my fair share of yarn though.. 3 skeins of sock yarn, 6 skeins of this delicious purple goodness, and 8 skeins of a heather grey for a Cobblestone sweater for my Dad.

I have been dogsitting since Friday so I haven't been at home to take pictures or anything... It's definitely been interesting this week. I feel like I'm not ready to have a dog yet because I work long hours and can't go home for lunch. If I could go home, I wouldn't feel as bad, but at least they get to go on LONG walks when I get home! :)