Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lovely Summer Socks!

These are the three pairs of socks that I've completed so far. I love them :)

Up close...

Project Stats:
Pattern: Rippling Dunes Socks (rav)

Source: Knitting Calendar from my neighbor for Christmas 2008

Size: 9 1/2 foot

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Gauguin

Needles: Size 2 DPN's

Modifications: I added 6 stitches because 60 was too tight around the foot.

Love this colorway with these socks..

Those cables are so pretty... But I think I'm done with cabled socks for a while!!

I finished the River Rapids as well. I absolutely love Shibui Knits Sock yarn. It's amazing!

The bottoms are even pretty!

Here are my Mom's Spring Forwards. She has seen a small picture and she is so excited! I will give them to her in October when her and my dad come to DC!

Just playing with the camera a little more..

Summer time Sangria! I have been having Tuesday night dinner with a few friends. And it's every Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday instead. But we meet, eat dinner, talk and just have a good time. It's only ladies allowed! Wendy, myself, my housemates I lived with previously, and a few of their friends from their neighborhood. We have fantastic food, delicious drinks, and great conversations! We are still trying to figure out a name for ourselves.. TNDC (Tuesday Night Dinner Club), Sisterhood of the Traveling Pot, or Circle of Friends. Any Suggestions??

We had Paella with no seafood. We have some seafood allergies in the group, so it better to just live them out. :) I think I will start posting what we have every week! It's always so good!!!

I just started a new pair of socks with Dream in Color Smooshy in the Flamingo Pie colorway. I love them already...

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Channon said...

Great socks, and boy did that make me hungry!