Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two weeks is a long time

And I have been BUSY!!! I moved this past weekend with the help of some GREAT people! It was one of the best moves I have had to date. I know it sounds crazy to think that moving was great, but it was fast, I didn't have to do ALL the heavy lifting and I even had a bit of fun with my friends!
Sunday was spent getting more stuff from my old house to my new house, then we went to lunch and Border's. Well, with three knitters in a bookstore, you have to look at knitting books, right? We did! And I have been eyeing bag Sytle for a while with the AMAZING bag on the front cover, so I bought it, along witha few non knitting books.

The book is GREAT! I am still extremely in love with the bag on the front and I will definately be making it soon. But first, I started the Hemp Market Bag with cotton. Just some nice Sugar 'N Cream cotton in a blue, brown, khaki colorway that is just beautiful. It is for my new "roommates" and they already love it! I have made it through the top trim and I've done 2 repeats of the pattern so far. It looks good! But I know that I will be lining it with a great muslin and some kind of lining for the strap too.

My new roommates are quite environmentally conscience which has made me want to be that way as well. So I am going to make 1 or 2 of these market bags and then hopefully some dishclothes with the rest of the cotton. It is 650 yards, so I think I will have enough :)

Oh yeah. I'm so excited! I joined the Spring Swap and it's going well so far! I have been having a great time getting to know my partner on Ravelry and her blog. It should prove to be a good first swap for me! :)

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