Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm still here with FO's!

I've just been sooo busy! I started a new job in November and I haven't had a lot of blogging time. I havw, however, had a lot of knitting time! Take the metro in the morning and then after work has allowed me to get a little bit of knitting done every day. So I am slowly making progress on everything. So the rest of this post will quite a few FO's for a baby girl. Her mom is punk and loves pink, black, and skulls. So I made quite a few things that are pink and black... no skulls though...

First up is a pink dishcloth. It was a super basic pattern that I have been using for alot of dishcloths I've been making...

Next is a Bib 'O Love from the Mason Dixon book. This was super easy and fast.

Saarjte's Booties are up next. Theese were done in 2 night of watching TV, but I had to wait for the buttons... I think they are awesome!

And then we have 3 hats that I made for the baby. All 3 are different sizes so that the baby can grow into them. I like the stripes on them.

This is my FAVORITE piece that I made... It's the corner of a blanket that I made. It was double stranded with Pink and Black Red Heart Soft yarn, which is awesome and washable! I used the basic dishcloth pattern but CO 8 and increase to 100 then decreased back to 8. It was knit on size 13 circulars.

Here is the whole blanket. It's going to be super warm for the baby to use in the car seat or when traveling!

And I couldn't forget about the Mama! I made a garter stitch scarf with some drop stitch rows on the ends. It's probably close to 6 feet long. I knit it on size 15's straights in about 2 hours!

And a hat for Mama too! It was made on size 9 DPN's in about 2 nights with a seed stitch border.

The next post will have more FO's for Christmas gifts that I'm still finished up!

Happy Holiday's everyone!

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Wendy said...

Oh my gosh! You have been working on your knitting!

Love the booties! Have to find a new mom to knit those up for.

As for the scarf... I thought you didn't like the whole drop stitch thing??? But it looks fab! She's going to love it!

See you tonight!