Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's been a little while...

So, this weekend was super busy, yet extremely fun for me! My parents arrived Friday night at 11 p.m. We went to a Sports Pub down the street from the National Airport and watched some baseball. Then we went back to my new house, which they hadn't seen yet, and just went to bed.

Saturday, I had to go into work for about an hour, so my parents walked around the neighborhood and saw where I work. Then after that, we went to the National Catherdral, took some pictures (which I will post later) and just looked around. It was neat to go to the 7th floor and basically see all of DC and of the surroundings! Then we drove into Georgetown and walked around a bit. It was hot, but still really nice to be outside enjoying the weather! We also went to Target and now I have proper curtains hanging on actually curtain rods! It's great! I also went to Old Navy, where I picked up a new pair of trouser jeans for $25.00!!! They are great, a little long, but they will shrink up in the dryer.

Sunday we went to Eastern Market and looked around, we found some really cool furniture, but didn't end up buying it. Then we got some nice looking apples and peaches. Yum! They were so good! We then went to brunch with my friend Ora, from WW, at this delicious diner! It was pretty much amazing :o) Then we went to Old Town Alexandria where I really hit the jackpot there! I got a new pair of khakis and a pair of black pants for work, that actually fit! We also happened upon Knit Happens, a really cool yarn store. We walked in and immediatle got great customer service from one of the ladies. It was fantastic! I ended up walking out with a socking knitting book and some new GREEN sock yarn. I had a great time, as did my parents! I even got to wind my own yarn with the swift and ball winder. Then we just went back to my house and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Monday, we went to my old work and new work, so my parents could meet everyone that I have/do work with. We had a great time doing that, then it was time for the National Zoo. Well, we drove there and there was NO parking at all, so we decided to go out to the Leesburg Outlets for the afternoon. Once we got there, we had a great time! I hit the second jackpot and got a new sweater from Banana Republic, a new Vera Bradley bag called the Hipster, and a new rug from Crate and Barrell that was only $24.00 and it will match my room decor perfectly! After that, we met my DBF for dinner. This was the first meeting of the parents and the DBF and they got along just great! I think we all had a good time at dinner, not to mention the food was delicious.

Tuesday, we finally went to the National Zoo, then the Museum of the American Indian. The zoo was great and seeing all the animals was really cool. The museum was different, but I really liked it as well. After that, we went to MatchBox for dinner with some of my friends from DC. It was such a great relaxing evening and the food was amazing! I reccomend it to anyone who wants amazing food at a reasonable price!

They left yesterday, and I was sad all day! I also had to get more dental work done, and that was really, no fun at all! So for now, I'm in pain with my mouth, and I'm just trying to get through the week!

I do, however, LOVE the change in the weather! It has been AMAZING today!!!

More later.. Look for a photo heavy post tomorrow or Saturday.. then the weekend with Wendy :o) We are going to spend an entire day knitting and hanging out..and I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!

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Wendy said...

Oh, Saturday is going to be such a blast!!! I mean how can you beat lovely yarn petting, tasty (healthy) yum-yums, and the clickity clacking of needles??? I can't wait!!!