Monday, September 24, 2007


I have finally taken some pictures of a few of my WIP's and also almost FO, just need to weave in the ends and it will be an FO.

The first is a washcloth for a friend's DD, Becca. She went to the zoo in DC and she LOVED the armadillos. So, I went online and found a pattern for an armadillo washcloth that she could use at bath time.

Not the best picture, but I'm going to keep trying my skills with the camera and see what happens!

Next is my So-Called Scarf that I am making out of Cotton Ease from Lion Brand! They brought it back after discontinuing it and I bought 4 skines of the lime green color. It's so nice.

And finally, my Irish Hiking Scarf in Red Heart Soft Yarn in Grape. Yeah, I know what you are probably thinking, but it's really soft and really nice and easy to knit with.

Just love this scarf and the color is wonderful.

So these are a few of my WIPs for now with more to come.

I have yet to conquer socks, sweaters, or anything fitted, but that is next on my knitting agenda. I have plans to start my first pair of socks soon with the help of Wendy. Then I could teach her to crochet for her beautiful fall bag!

In non-knitting news, I need to have a root canal and it's scheduled for Monday. Oh, I'm so lucky.. Okay, not really, but we will see what happens! So glad I have some sick time :o)

Off to get some prescriptions filled for the tooth and some other errands!

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Wendy said...

So glad that you are willing to help me with the crocheting part of the fall bag. I'm stuck on it at the moment. Can't even figure out what hook I need to buy and where to go from there. Stacey gave me a great we site with a tutorial video, but I'm soooo excited that I have a real expert at my disposal as well!

I may be late on Thursday because of my class but I'll be there, and I'll bring the bag too!