Friday, September 21, 2007

Doing this blog thing....

So, I decided to start this blog about my knitting and ramblings about yarn, all my WIP's, and probably a little about my weight loss journey as well! It's a place to get to know me, my love of yarn, and for me to learn from other people!

So, I give you.. My self-portrait shot from the bathroom so show off my new haircut. But here you have me :o)

I've been reading other knitting blogs for a little over a year and have thought about starting a blog, but I never thought I would have enough to talk about. Well, I was inspired to start this blog by quite a few people, but the most influential person was Wendy from my WW group! She is great! I have learned a lot from her since we started talking about yarn and knitting! We had a bet, that when I lost 6 lbs, she would buy me a skein of Tofutsies in color 790. Well, I got it last night and I couldn't stop touching it! It's my first skein of sock yarn and I can't wait to cast on! First though, I need ot finish my long list of WIP's! I'm going to work on that list and take pictures of all of them so I can post them on here!

So until then.. Happy Knitting.. And happy Friday!


Wendy said...

Fabulous new blog site! I'm adding you to my list of bloggers to check in with! Can't wait to see some of those FOs!!!

Virtuous said...

YAH! I know how it is starting up your blog. I am a knitter too and found you via Wendy! :o)

Can't wait to read more on your blog and see what have been knitting up!