Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clapotis--- AKA Clappee!

First, yay for two posts in two days!! I really can do this blog situation! I'm going to keep at it as best I can!

So, I decided to make some Clapotis, but I have no idea how to actually say Clapotis so it will be known as the Clappee for now. I am making one for me and then another one for my cousin and hair stylist, Andi. the first is for me in all it's brightness!

Here are the yummy cakes that I wound with the help of Wendy! She is the best knitting buddy a girl could have! She provided the ball winder, swift, and some of the most delicious tea ever!!! I have since gone out and bought some of my own tea.

These are all the yummy cakes all together for mine and Andi's Clappee's.

And here is the start of my Clappee. I decided to make mine first and then see if I need to make any mods or anything.

The progress after a week.. It's looking GREAT! I did make some mods though. I only did the increase rows for 4 repeats. Right now, I have 10 straight rows completed and I'm still on the first two cakes of yarn. Speaking of the yarn, it's awesome! KnitPicks Gossamer in Caribbean and Leprechaun.

Up close.. The yarn is held double through out. I can't wait to get this off the needles and onto my neck :) It's going to be really really warm!

I will be knitting this during my flights this weekend to Chicago to see the cutest niece the world, Ava, and my family! It's Ava's first birthday and we couldn't all be more excited! Also, this will be worked on during the SuperBowl on Sunday... What are you going to be working on during the Superbowl?


chanknits said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! I want to knit a Clappee (I like that - I don't know how to pronounce it either) too, but dropped stitches scare me.

Wendy said...

You are just the cutest! You are welcome to the swift and ball winder any time! I enjoy your company here.
So what tea turned you on? And what tea did you buy?
Did you see the most adorable tea cup and pot set that my SITMT pal sent me???