Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's coming.....

Oh mu goodness!!! It's almost time for Christmas and I am nearly ready! All the knits for my brother and his family are offically done and I'm just working on some things for my parents now!

Here is my brother's Thorpe Hat. Malabrigo Chunky in Blue with Malabrigo Worsted doubled in Deep Earth.

This hat is for Lila. I was feeling like the ones I had knit up were going to be way to big for Lila, so I made a smaller one with just 48 stitches. I love this pattern!

Here is the family of Thorpe's! The dark green one can be used for next year for the girls (maybe!)

This is a Foilage hat and the Dolores Park Cowl for my SIL. She is very in to pink and I think this hat will let her keep her hat looking good to! And not to mention, it's SO warm! I wore it one day at work because it was freezing! It's just perfect!

I finally finished the Clappie! It took awhile, but it looks so good and I can't wait to gift it to my cousin! I know she will like it! I'm thinking I can trade it for a haircut ;)

So, a few more things knocked off the Christmas knitting list! I will do a finished tally after the holidays! I have added a few more things and taken some things away to make for a later time when I have the yarn!

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Virtuous said...

Cute Xmas knits and I am sure it feels so good that you are almost done!!

Merry Christmas!!