Thursday, November 20, 2008


First things first, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!! You have always been such a pillar of strength in my life and I'm so grateful to have such an amazing mom like you! I hope you have a fantastic day and that you enjoy it to the fullest!

My parents at the National Harbor. They are both so YOUNG looking, I'm one lucky lady!

The start of a Thorpe for Niece L. The construction of the hat with the top down is awesome! it's a little difficult to get it going with 1 stitch on 4 different needles, but once it's past that, it's smooth sailing!

The color is so pretty and it will look just fantastic on little L. And that Malabrigo.. well, I don't think I have to say anything else about it! So soft!

Here are the completed hats together. They coordinate so well together and the girls will look so cute in them! I'm not sure if they will actually fit the girls, they might be too big, but they will work for more than one winter that way.

I love them both! I can't wait to get modeled shots of the girls with their new hats on! And tonight, I will be starting the blue hat for my brother. I haven't quite decided what color trim will go on the hat yet... Brown? Green? Decisions, Decisions!!

Here is the updated Christmas List:

1. Thorpe for Brother- Blue Malabrigo bulky
2. Thorpe for Dad- Green and Gold (no yarn yet)
3. Thorpe for Niece A- Dream in Color Fatty, Happy Forest, trim in Malabrigo chunky in hollyhock (Finished)
Thorpe for Niece L-Malabrigo chunky, Hollyhock, trim Dream in Color Fatty, Happy Forest
5. Foliage for SIL- Pink Frost Chunky Malabrigo
6. Koolhaas for Brother- Malabrigo
7. Scruncable Scarf for Cousin's Husband- Berroco Comfort
8. Basic Hat for Cousin's Husband- Berroco Comfort
9. Purple Socks for Mom- Lorna's Laces (1/2 done with 1 sock)
10. Basic Hat for Brother- Berroco Comfort
11. Unoriginal Hat for SIL- Pink Frost Malabrigo Chunky
12. Annual Scarf for Mom- ??
13. Toasty for housemate- Sunny Lime Green Malabrigo (1 mitt done, 1 1/3 of the way)
14. Toasty for Cousin A- Sunny Lime Green Malabrigo
15. Clappotis for Cousin A- Knit Picks Gossamer (just need to weave in the ends)
16. WVU scarf for best friend- blue and gold Berroco Comfort
17. WVU Scarf for best friend's GF- blue and gold Berroco Comfort
18. WVU Hat for best friend- blue and gold Berroco Comfort
19. WVU Hat for best friend's GF- blue and gold Berroco Comfort
20. February Baby Sweater for Niece A- ??
21. February Baby Sweater for Niece L- ??

Oh yeah.. One more thing.. My college Alma Mater is now 11-0 for the football Season... AMAZING!!!! GO BALL STATE!!!!!! I hope we can keep that going and end the season with a HUGE BANG!!!!!!

So proud of Ball State!


Channon said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Your parents are a good-looking couple... good genes there...

Cute hats too. I'm jealous that you're finishing projects!

Preita said...

Holy crap dear! You sure have a list! LOL :) The thropes look great. I totally want to knit one soon. God I'm so sick of christmas knits, I want to do my own thing again! :D

& your mom is seriously young! My parents are headed toward 60 & I believe you & I are the same age :D