Monday, October 27, 2008


Since this is what the blog is really about... Knitting and yarn! I am showing off my new purchases from the FFF in Orange, VA.

First up is the Uruguay Chunky, 5 balls to be exact. This yarn is sooo soft! I have no idea what I will make with it, a hat and scarf combo? A neck warmer? It's 73 yards each and its just excellent!
This is some really nice natural wool I picked up for a sweater for my dad. I think it will become the Cobblestone, but it will probably have to wait until after Christmas.
GO IRISH!!!!! This is the Notre Dame sock yarn :) Really its called Zucchini, but I thought it looked just like ND colors, so that's what I renamed it.
This is Creatively Dyed's sock yarn and it's soo pretty! There is to much light the yarn in this picture, but it's a nice purple color, which I was looking for. It will make such great socks for sure.
Creatively Dyed again, but LUXURY, with CASHMERE! It kind of looks like a Peacock, which is also want I wanted. It's so pretty and SOOO soft. I don't know what I will make with it...

Up next is my latest order from Eat.Sleep.Knit. I just love that store. It's such a great place to order from, not to mention, it's FAST, like order on Wednesday, get it Friday, kind of fast.
Some Dream in Color Fatty in Happy Forest for 2 hats for the nieces. They have pink coats, so I thought Green would go well with it.. And some Malabrigo Chunky for the brother for a Thorpe. It's such a bright blue and it will be nice for those Chicago winters!

This is Yarn Love in Anne Shirley and the colorway is Fairtale. I bought 5 skeins for some kind of sweater. I am thinking a hoodie sweater with really neat buttons. I might wait a while to start this, but at least I have the yarn now.

More MMMalabrigo in Sapphire Green. I was thinking a sweater for me, but when my parents were visiting two weeks ago, my mom was like, oh I like that green yarn, then I showed her my Feburary Lady Sweater and she just raved, so this will become a Lady Sweater for a Special Lady! And while visiting Annapolis, MD with the parents, we stopped at a yarn store and I picked up GREAT buttons for my FLS and my mom picked some for hers too. They are so beauitful.
And just a bit of Sock yarn enhancement for the "stash". Some Shibui in a great bright pink! I might make some socks for a neighbor of mine from home. She is a breast cancer survivor and while this is not exactly the breast cancer signature color, I think she would love them!

That's all she wrote until I have actual progress pictures of my FLS. It's going slowly but surely. I have made it well into the lace section and try to do 1 to 2 repeats a night, when I can. I will be moving this weekend, so there will be lots of packing and not so much knitting, but after that... knitting will happen moree often!

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