Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Fiber Festival

Sunday I went to my first ever, fiber festival. It was definitely an experience! I bought lots and yarn, but I'll show that in a different post. They had a display of different sheep and goats and llamas.. They were so cute!

I think he was bowing down... or embarrassed :)

These were the funny goats. They made the funniest noises and right after this picture... he got shaved!

The llamas were cute, but I wasn't going to pet them... Since I'm allergic to every animal, I decided to stay away from them...

And I finally met Chan in real life! She is such a great person and it was so great o finally meet her!! Wendy, Chan, and I had a great time!

I will have to agree with Chan though. I was underwhelmed with the turn out of vendors and people. I thought it would be more. I definitely picked up my fair share of yarn though.. 3 skeins of sock yarn, 6 skeins of this delicious purple goodness, and 8 skeins of a heather grey for a Cobblestone sweater for my Dad.

I have been dogsitting since Friday so I haven't been at home to take pictures or anything... It's definitely been interesting this week. I feel like I'm not ready to have a dog yet because I work long hours and can't go home for lunch. If I could go home, I wouldn't feel as bad, but at least they get to go on LONG walks when I get home! :)


Channon said...

I wasn't really sunburned... Don't know where all that RED came from. (Hot flashes?)

It was so wonderful to meet you in person! And you did get some incredible yarn...

Virtuous said...

I am glad SOMEBODY had a pic of you three together! :o) That is so great!!

And wonderful yarn loot too! Yum!